Program Rates

All Sessions are 60mins

The initial consultation takes about an hour and costs $40

An initial one-on-one consultation with Renee is required in order to start any program. During the consultation, we determine your goals, assess your fitness level (this helps determine which group you can work out with] and discuss your eating habits.

Program Description Cost Duration
Group Training Training with 2 or more clients at similar fitness level. Multiple session per week packages are also available. $35.00/session 1 hour
6 Week Individual** Training program tailored for an individual to reach his or her goal. $200.00/6 weeks 6 Weeks
Individual Session A one on one training session scheduled at the F.I.T. With Renee Studios. $100.00/session 1 hour
Individual Session
(on location)
A one on one training session at a home or office location. $100.00/session 1 hour
Medicine Ball Full body workout using a 4lbs-8lbs medicine ball. $10.00/session 1 Hour
Consultation One-on-one consultation designed to identify health and fitness goals and design nutrition plan. *Required $40.00/one time fee 45minutes -1Hour
Re-Evaluation Current client meet one-on-one to discuss progress, tailor program, make adjustments $20/re-evaluation 30 minutes
FWR Nutrition Guide & Training Manual Handy overview of the FWR philosophy. Nutrition tips, recipesand complete training guide $15.00/manual N/A
Nutrition Workshop Interactive workshops on nutrition. Based on clean eating principles $60.00/workshop 1 hour –
1 ½ hours

** 6 Weeks plan is designed to give people a training program that will help them achieve their personal goals on their own within their own local gym.  6 Weeks plans will consist of an initial consult with Master trainer Renee Pillow, a 6 week diet plan, a 6 weeks work out plan to do in your own gym and a final week 15 minute re-evaluation with Renee Pillow.