At F.I.T. with Renee, I help you get focused on your goals, inspire you to live a healthy life and be transformed into the person that you know you can be.


We establish a vision for the way you want to be and the reasons for your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. We clearly define your goals and help you to visualize actually achieving them. Focus is crucial because it gives you direction and clear ways to measure your progress.


We ignite your pure desire to make positive changes in your life by pushing the spirit within you to reach new levels of personal achievement. Focus without inspiration is what causes boredom and lack of achievement. Inspiration with-out focus causes frustration, wasted energy and the desire to quit.


The outcome of combining Focus with Inspiration results in the comprehensive Transformation of mind body and spirit. We push you to incorporate a healthier diet, make fitness a part of your routine and make sure that you have fun as you improve your life.