About Renee Pillow

aboutreneebeforeRenee is a certified personal trainer, former bodybuilding competitor, author of Fit With Renee Fitness and Nutrition Manual and an expert on health & fitness. She is owner of FIT with Renee, where she helps women get Focused on their goals, become Inspired to live healthier lifestyles and Transform their bodies into being the best they have ever been! She helps them get FIT!

In addition to her passion, charisma and constant encouragement, a key to her success in motivating clients is her highly active website; fitwithrenee.com. It was designed to inform and encourage women by taking them on the same journey that she went on in fitness. There you will find posting of transformation stories, nutrition and motivational tips.

Most importantly, she highlights client successes by showing before & after pictures, group shots and competition photos of clients. The intent is to help her clients appreciate their beauty inside and out, and to increase their self esteem by seeing others to whom they can relate.

Renee is definitely someone who practices what she preaches. She has competed and placed in several bodybuilding shows and figure competitions winning first place a total of 7 times. She has been featured in Indianapolis Woman Magazine, Frost Illustrated, and has appeared several times in the Indianapolis Star.

Her story begins just like so many others; she looked at a photo of herself and was shocked when she couldn’t believe how overweight she had gotten. That was over twelve years ago when she was in her mid twenties with one child and just getting into her profession as a licensed dental hygienist. After having her second child, she started working out a little on her own and had minimal results. She finally hired a personal trainer who really motivated her to combine good eating habits with strength training and cardiovascular training.

She dropped 40 pounds over the course of two years and began to study more about proper nutrition and fitness. With a new love for her body she continued to push herself and eventually entered her first bodybuilding contest in 2005. From there, she studied and became a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and started FIT With Renee so that she could help others to realize the benefits of a healthier life.